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Hypnosis For The 3rd Millennium:

Energy Hypnosis By Silvia Hartmann

If you love hypnosis, then you will love our enchanting HypnoDreams, our powerful HypnoSolutions and find our Energy Hypnosis Specials both deeply moving and highly effective.

Created by Dr Silvia Hartmann for intelligent people in the World today, Energy Hypnosis is respectful, powerful and transformational.

At the same time, the experience of Energy Hypnosis is deeply mystical and entrancing in the very best sense of the word.

Energy Hypnosis speaks to all parts of us - the mind, the energy mind, the energy body and even the physical body.

Join the many tens of thousands around the World who have found relief, enchantment and most of all, delight in these beautiful hypnosis journeys, programs and remedies.


Energy Hypnosis Creator, Lady Hypnotist Dr Silvia Hartmann


Dr Silvia Hartmann Creator of "Energy Hypnosis" "Project Sanctuary" "The Genius Symbols" "Events Psychology" and "EmoTrance"

FREE Energy Hypnosis Scripts Ebook HERE!

  HypnoDreams - Hypnosis For Creativity, Dreaming & Lucid Awareness

HypnoDreams Take YOU To The Stars!

Hypnosis for healing and stress relief is all good and well - but hypnosis can do so much more for you. It can awaken a sense of wonder, reconnect you to your higher aspects, free your mind and delight your senses.

Travel to fabulous realms of beauty and enchantment and give yourself a real treat with Dr Hartmann's unique and truly wonderful HypnoDreams.

If there is only one hypnotic product you purchase here, make it "The Wisdom Of The Water" - HypnoDreams Vol. 1. This truly wonder-full energy hypnosis program has 7 separate journeys designed to de-stress, nourish, awaken, and inspire YOU.


Stress & Hypnosis:

Why Hypnosis Is Better At Relieving Stress Than Meditation ...

Trying to meditate when you are stressed is like trying to be romantic with an axe embedded in your forehead - try as you might, it's not going to work very well if ever at all. So we have the classic Catch 22 and another big stressor to add to all of that stress - a stressed person is TOLD to relax and go away and meditate, but they can't meditate because they're way too stressed!  Read More ...

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Hypnosis remedies for emotional problems   

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  • Love Hypnosis?

    Here are two GREAT books on hypnosis journeys by Dr Silvia Hartmann that will show you how YOU can create your own custom made deep meditations, inductions and experiences - any time, anywhere!      It's EASY if you know how ...


    Energy Hypnosis Best Sellers

    Our best selling Energy Hypnosis programs - beautifully designed and masterfully executed to give YOU peace of mind, relief, release and a truly superb home remedy you can rely on to be there whenever YOU need a lift, support, expert help and advice and someone to be there for you when you need it most.

    *How Hypnosis Saved My Life ...

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    Money Hypnosis
    The Money River
    Hypnosis Anxiety/Stress Help Inner Child & Heart Healing Delta Trance Deep Sleep Lullaby

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