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Powerful Energy Hypnosis For The 3rd Millennium With Dr Silvia Hartmann
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Advanced Energy Program Far Journeys by Silvia Hartmann

Far Journeys Advanced Energy Hypnosis Program

4 CD Advanced Hypnosis Program or Order MP3 Library For Instant Download


  • The Game In Space & Time

  • Journey To The Overworld

  • The Crystal Cathedral

  • The Soul Pilot


  • The Earth Rise Visualisation Trainer

This outstanding Energy Hypnosis program is at the cutting edge of human endeavour. Specifically designed for Project Sanctuary players & masters, these beautiful advanced hypnosis journeys will give you experiences you have never had before. Change is inevitable.

Freedom Stars - The Creative Order made visible. Be in awe.

The Game In Space & Time

Project Sanctuary pure and simple. Discover a new world - a habitat your energy mind needs you to interact with. Build the world from the ground up so you may enter it, interact with it, and profit on every level with your encounters.



Journey To The Overworld

Project Sanctuary opens up the option of travelling ANYWHERE - and this also includes the more traditional planes of existence, such as the shamanic overworld.

Shamanic information and shamanic travel, healing and wisdom has been highly sought after; for Project Sanctuary travellers, the shamanic overworld is but one of the many planes, but certainly one that is delightful. To many, working with "old fashioned" shamanic approaches allows for a personal re-connection to certain abilities and designs that have never really changed, not in a 100,000 years of human development.

This can be a very grounding as well as a supportive groundswell experience; this energy hypnosis induction is pitched so that you will enter the overworld easily and smoothly.

Once you are there, your own energy mind and your own needs and wants take over, and you will have the experience you need.


Crystal Cathedral by Starfields

The Crystal Cathedral

The plane that is being visited for essential and structural information and interaction in a different dimension altogether is quite a way away from ordinary conscious awareness and known as "the pattern world".

The Crystal Cathedral is a transfer point which will take us there - first, we go to the Crystal Cathedral, and from there, we move into a whole new different trance state that lifts the consciousness up and out altogether of ordinary processes of thought and experience.

The Crystal Cathedral allows the traveller to bring an item, or a person, an animal or even an idea, to be able to study it at those highly abstract patterned levels, and to learn more about the essence of that in direct interaction.


The Soul Pilots painting by Starfields

The Soul Pilot

For more information on Soul Pilots, please see here.

Soul Pilot endeavours are a particularly beneficial way of discharging psychic circuitry energy both safely and putting these energies to good use; but more than that, Soul Piloting is extremely healing.

Rather than requesting a blessing or a healing, the Soul Pilot gives the service of help, blessing or healing to another - and in so doing, receives a reward or many - rewards of insights, wisdom, or misconceptions healed, self concept re-alignments occurring, and many other benefits beside.

The Soul Pilot induction makes it very easy to meet up with a claimant in a protected atmosphere, and offers the opportunity to help another - a lost soul, someone who is suffering, and for whom you are probably the only one who can and will come to their aid.

This is an extremely useful and beneficial process that is highly recommended in all ways.


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FREE BONUS CD - Earth Rise

As a special bonus, and to allow other travellers to get even more out of these wonderful and highly practical journeys, we have also included the following FREE CD/mp3:


Visualisation Hypnosis Free Bonus CD - Earth Rise Visualisation Exercise

Earth Rise

The Visualisation Trainer

This is a 12 minute training exercise with a DOUBLE INDUCTION plus additional subliminals to help you let go of any remaining shields, reversals, doubts or ideas about your abilities to not just see in lucid clarity, but to experience autogenically - lucid dreaming made real, made here and now.

Fantastically relaxing in and of itself, and timed at just over 12 minutes so you can enjoy this excellent visualisation exercise as often as you need to really re-gain confidence and ability in lucid visualisation and autogenics. Can be used with EmoTrance, EFT & Energy Dancing.


Advanced Energy Program Far Journeys by Silvia Hartmann

Four outstanding journeys.

Four very different planes.

An infinite resource for creativity, intelligence enhancing, lucid dreaming, problem solving, spiritual growth and healing.

  • CD 1: The Game In Space & Time - Project Sanctuary In Depth

  • CD2: Journey To The Overworld - Traditional Shamanic Plane

  • CD3: The Crystal Cathedral - Structural, Essential Information

  • CD4: The Soul Pilot - Spiritual Healing, Astral Service & Reward

 PLUS the unique double induction BONUS CD:

The Earth Rise Visualisation Trainer

Created for personal use by Dr Silvia Hartmann

OUTSTANDING Value For People Who Are Serious About Personal Development.

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Project Sanctuary Original


Advanced Energy Hypnosis Programs

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