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Powerful Energy Hypnosis For The 3rd Millennium With Dr Silvia Hartmann
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Energy Hypnosis - Hypnosis For The 3rd Millennium

Energy Hypnosis

Hypnosis For The 3rd Millennium

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What Is Energy Hypnosis?

Dr Silvia Hartmann Lady Hypnotist & Creator of Energy HypnosisEnergy Hypnosis is a new form of hypnosis created by Dr Silvia Hartmann, Creator of "Project Sanctuary" and "EmoTrance".

Energy Hypnosis is designed to stimulate, heal and reconcile human consciousness with the rest of the human totality.  

To this end, Energy Hypnosis creates a balanced, lucid states of heightened awareness where the conscious mind, the energy mind (or unconscious mind), the body AND the energy body

  • ... are all meeting in the same place at the same time;
  • ... are all in direct communication with one another;
  • ... are all engaged in the same processes, the same journey, at the same time;
  • ... are all agreeing on moving towards well being, health, and The Even Flow - a state of being where a human being begins to function as they were designed to function by the Creative Order.

We call this state the "crossroads" state of Energy Hypnosis.

Energy Hypnosis is based on evoking energies, scenarios and events (stories, metaphors, "visions") which:

- make sense to the conscious mind, the unconscious mind or energy mind, and the body and energy body all at the same time;

- bring about communication, energy exchanges and also, information exchanges;

- clear existing barriers, shields and blockages in the systems;

- heal existing injuries, disturbances and malfunctions;

- provide additional nutritious energies and experiences to support these healing processes;

- encourage "the will to wholeness and health" across the entire human totality;

- leave a person feeling well, calm and much more positive about themselves, and their place in the Universe.


Energy Hypnosis is:

- EXTREMELY respectful of the reality of human experience (no heavy handed commands, platitudes, false hopes or unachievable objectives);

- Working with, through, and in reference to the human energy system AS WELL AS conscious and unconscious thought and physicality;

- Opening up a space for a person to step forward and engage with volition in the processes of trance, imagination and raising energy;

- Gentle, powerfully inspirational and deeply supportive all the way;

- Intensely de-stressing and healthy for mind, body and energy system;

- Designed to improve conscious/unconscious communication, visioning abilities, intelligence, creativity and clarity of thought, mind and emotion.


Special Features Of Energy Hypnosis Include:

  • Powerful and expansive visions beyond ordinary "guided meditations";
  • Fast and easy access to a variety of trance states;
  • Using energy and emotion to create change;
  • Energetically aligned components of words, visions, and the music and sonic tapestries using the Art Solutions process;
  • The ability of the user to choose their own depth of trance - lie down and go extremely deep, walk or sit indoors or in nature, eyes open, for a stimulating, refreshing and very beautiful altered state of perception and awareness, or engaging in powerful Trance Dance to be "energy dancing" the tracks for a revolutionary experience indeed.

Dr Silvia Hartmann's Unique & Original Energy Hypnosis Programs includes:



Energy Hypnosis Specials

Advanced Energy Hypnosis Programs

Energy Dancing

Here is a short guide to our unique Energy Hypnosis based programmes:


The original Energy Hypnosis programmes and a perfect start to experience the enjoyment and benefits of Energy Hypnosis. Each HypnoDreams album contains a collection of different energy hypnosis processes around a central theme.

Make contact with your inherent wisdom and take 8 beautiful and very different journeys of relaxation, healing and re-integration. The perfect first introduction to Energy Hypnosis.

Themed around healing the self and re-connecting to the most precious parts of ourselves, Heart Healing is a beautiful, gentle yet very powerful album. Child abuse survivors will particularly appreciate the respectful and stabilising features of Energy Hypnosis over the older approaches of authority or confusion. Contains  powerful healing journeys.

This third collection of HypnoDreams is challenging and very advanced - perfect for people who want to stretch into new states of being and who really want to expand their horizons.

German language HypnoDreams album which demonstrates the principles of Energy Hypnosis are not about language, but about "visions" - neurological events that delight us, inspire us, heal us, change us and help us grow.



HypnoSolutions are single track longer Energy Hypnosis programmes, designed to directly target a specific kind of disturbance. We have a wide variety of HypnoSolutions programmes available. To find the right HypnoSolution for you, please consult the Hypnosis Remedies List. More information about HypnoSolutions Energy Hypnosis Programs is available here.


Energy Hypnosis Specials

By popular demand, we have a a range of single track Energy Hypnosis Specials which include:


Advanced Energy Hypnosis Programs


Energy Dancing

A brand new and advanced combination of EmoTrance & Energy Hypnosis - use Trance Dance to relax profoundly and let the movements of your own body become the symbols of your healing and your success. Easy, delightful and a positively blissful experience!

* Energy Dancing is a skill that is learned during this programme. Once you know how to do Energy Dancing, you can use this special technique to unlock whole new levels of experiences inherent in all our outstanding Energy Hypnosis Programmes.

Energy Hypnosis Programs are available

in Stereo Audio CD Format for postal delivery

Or as Quality MP3 Download Libraries For Instant Access.

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