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Hard Core Hypnosis & Mind Control For Women

by Dr Silvia Hartmann

Very, VERY few women study hypnosis - and those who do go for the soft, therapy healing types of options.

In this short essay I explain why I believe that EVERY woman should be familiar with the main principles and techniques of hard core covert mind control techniques - which of course includes Speed Seduction.


Hard Core Hypnosis & Mind Control For Women

If you were to ask a group of otherwise intelligent teenage girls if they would be interested in finding out more about the art of hypnosis, they would probably be astonished, then giggle, then shake their heads and walk away.

It is a fact that in the field of hypnosis, there are very few women; but what is far more important, that the few women are found in the "healing therapy" forms of hypnosis.

But that is not the whole story - there is another side to hypnosis, namely that of covert mind control.

Covert hypnotic mind control is the field that deals with:

Advertising indoctrination
Religious brainwashing
Political propaganda
Societal entrainments

... and of course, such wondrous new approaches in hypnotic mind control as "Speed Seduction", which is an application of covert hypnosis mind control principles to enable otherwise unattractive men to have sex with any woman they choose.

It hasn't been all that long since women were given the vote; and there is still a hundred thousand years of history bearing down on today's women in all manner of societal entrainments.

In the case of hypnosis for mind control, all three aspects of even the title conflict with the societal entrainment for women - hypnosis, being about dominance; mind, which isn't something women were famous for or encouraged to use, lest it should make them ugly; and control, which is the opposite to the soft, giving, flowing and reactive female "principle".

The title alone is enough to keep the covert mind control division of hypnosis and all its many and varied applications in EVERY field of human endeavour firmly in the hands of a few powerful men; I personally believe that there is much merit in women of all ages starting to take an active interest in this field.

Please understand that this is NOT particularly so that women too can then go around controlling and manipulating others covertly into whatever agenda they see fit, but so that they may be able to BECOME AWARE of covert hypnotic mind control and secondly, to DEFEND THEMSELVES successfully from this.

Mind control hypnosis is in that sense like fighting with a sword. You cannot break up attack and defense because they are one and the same - a part of the same system.

To have women be mindless and at the mercy of their emotions at all time is one of the handiest societal control devices, ever.

To have them further be COMPLETELY UNAWARE and UNEDUCATED in the arts of hypnotic mind control, the mechanisms, how it works, how words are used, and energies, metal focus, pictures, sequences of events to "make them feel and absolutely believe" what whoever does the manipulating wants them to, is a powerful Catch 22.

Hypnosis, and especially the hard core forms of covert communications, hypnotic mind control and unconscious installations are also at the heart of FREEING ONESELF from beliefs, old entrainments, limiting expectations and negative emotions.

For modern women struggling with their self concepts, matters of self worth or even emotional problems, these lessons are not just important, they are veritable survival skills, and hence the title of this article.

To sum up, there are five good reasons for a modern woman to go out and to buy a book on hardcore hypnosis, mind control, speed seduction or covert communications skills.

1. First and foremost, to become AWARE of these manipulations when they are attempted by anyone - the media, or a prospective boyfriend, a priest or a politician, it matters not.

2. To be able to defend oneself successfully from these attempts at mental manipulation, and to retain one's own freedom of thought and decision of one's life.

3. To be able to use the knowledge thus found to CONTROL YOURSELF - to start making new choices, and have new ways of living these.

4. To improve one's communication skills and avoid doing unknowing harm to friends, children and loved ones.

5. To be able to actively take control of communications and interactions, should the need arise.

Ladies all, I haven't written a book on hypnosis and I've got nothing to sell here.

I am simply offering an insight and an understanding that some might find extremely useful and hadn't really thought about before.

I believe it is essential that women should learn about hypnosis and hypnotic mind control, because if we don't know, we can't help but remain the unwitting victims of those who do.

Dr Silvia Hartmann
March 2006

Hard Core Hypnosis & Mind Control For Women Dr Silvia Hartmann 2009. All Rights Reserved.

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