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Online Catalogue 2009

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The Original HypnoDreams Trilogy

by Lady Hypnotist Dr Silvia Hartmann

with music by Ananga Sivyer


Absolutely mindblowing psycho-energetic "journeys" to the far side - Project Sanctuary derived HypnoDreams are like nothing else on this World.

This is Volume 1 of the HypnoDreams Trilogy by Silvia Hartmann & Ananga Sivyer.

HypnoDreams Vol. 1 - The Wisdom Of The Water

Hypnosis CD HypnoDreams Vol 1 - The Wisdom Of The WaterThe Wisdom Of The Water contains SEVEN incredible far journeys in lucid Sanctuary State hypnosis - a fantastic tapestry in sensations, sounds and visions, absolutely original, absolutely unique and absolutely fascinating.

Healing but beyond healing, stimulating, refreshing, re-charging, if you only ever acquire a single HypnoDreams album to stay with you for many years to come and give you uncountable hours of pure pleasure, this is it!

This breakthrough energy hypnosis album contains:


 Oceans Of Energy | Dive To Diamond | The Wisdom Of The Water | StarFall | Ice River | Treasures & Riches | Darling

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HypnoDreams Vol. 2 - Heart Healing

Hypnosis CD HypnoDreams Vol. 2 Heart HealingThis second HypnoDreams Album concentrates on healing the heart, the precious child within, and the connections inside us which allow us to experience the truth of our soul and body in harmony.

Fantastic, beautiful and challenging.

Silvia Hartmann's superbly hypnotic voice and Ananga Sivyer's incredible energetic soundscapes, performed with live instruments and healing percussion, are an absolutely unique experience.

On this superb album you will find:

Heart Healing | Receiving The Colours | Celebration | Ocean Wood (The Guardian) | Resonance Connection | Morning Light | Precious | The Child.

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HypnoDreams Vol. 3 - Freedom

Hypnosis CD HypnoDreams Vol. 3 - FreedomTo complete this truly extraordinary trilogy, here is Freedom - powerfully uplifting, intensely inspiring and absolutely beautiful.

Beyond mere peace, there lies a new life - forward to the new!

Freedom is about dance, about creativity and about forward movement. A superbly multi-level celebration of life in splendid textures and experiences, Freedom's outstanding tracks are real masterpieces of psycho-energetic and physical alignments.

This album contains the following fantastic experiences:

The Wind Of Change | Freedom | Creativity | Timelines | Our Dimensions | Forward To The New.

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HypnoDreams Hypnose Auf Deutsch!

NLP Hypnose CD auf Deutsch - Reise In Die Heimat von Silvia HartmannReise In Die Heimat

Especially for our German customers, here is the unique German language HypnoDreams album "Reise In Die Heimat".

Deeply energising, fantastic soundscapes, live traditional healing instruments and secret energy seal algorithms create the tapestry for Silvia Hartmann's original, heartfelt, poetic, moving and deeply transformative hypnotic evocations.

Not translations, but original hypnotic creations in the German language, this wonderfully magical album contains the following unique HypnoDreams:

Praeludium: Adler | Das Wellenkind | Flut | Die Reise In Die Heimat | Der Morgen | Im Zukunftsreich

***** This 2 CD Set Includes The Journey Home HoloDreams CD!

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Multi-Level, Whole Person Hypnosis -

The HypnoSolutions

by Silvia Hartmann with music by Ananga Sivyer


Hypnosis MP3 HypnoSolution Star Diamond - Overcome AnxietyStar Diamond

Overcoming Anxiety, Fear and Stress From The Inside Out

Very calming, very stabilising, and essentially healing the psycho-energetic reasons for anxiety, Star Diamond is a deeply restful hypnotic and stabilising experience you can turn to at any time, day or night, as many times as you need it.

This truly beautiful energy hypnosis session is more than just stress relief - this is a powerful healing tool and a "must have" for any holistic home first aid kit.

Original Energy Hypnosis Session

PLUS  "Real World" Activator

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Hypnosis MP3 HypnoSolution Life and love of life - True HealingLife, And Love of Life

The Essence Of Healing For Healers & Those Who Seek Healing

Life, And Love Of Life gently awakens our astral systems, our "healing powers within", takes away our fears, lays to rest old hurts and disappointments and brings the true, unconditional compassion for all living things that is the source of true healing.

This is an immensely moving experience, and leaves you with a very different understanding of Life, And Love of Life.


Original Energy Hypnosis Session

PLUS "Real World" Activator

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Hypnosis MP3 HypnoSolutions Fame & Fortune for artistsFame & Fortune

For The Artist Within

This unique energy based HypnoSolution heals, re-writes and re-frames many of the misconceptions people have about what the relationship between artist and audience is like, and what one might have to do or become in order to make this unique relationship work, have be HONEST AND TRUE, and mutually satisfying.

Free the artist within - and say "Yes!" to Fame And Fortune!

Original Energy Hypnosis Session

PLUS "Real World" Activator

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Hypnosis Meditation CD MP3 Beloved Golden for Bereavement & Overwhelming EmotionsBeloved Golden

The "Tsunami" Induction

For People Overwhelmed by Major Life Changes, Disturbing Times, Bereavement, Chaos - Beloved Golden, the "Tsunami Induction", was especially developed and created to be a source of moral support in times of real need.

Gentle, compassionate and deeply stabilising, Beloved Golden cannot change your life, but it can help you find the strength to keep on going when you need it most.

Original Energy Hypnosis Session

PLUS "Real World" Activator

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Hypnosis Self Help MP3 CD Secret Song For LuckThe Secret Song

Bring More Luck Into Your Life!

Change your mind about the nature of luck.

Decide that YOU are one of the "lucky ones". Programme your energy system to detect It.

Then step into your own "Lucky Unfoldments" with this elegant "mind and energy system" hypnosis change session and the unique activator/anchor track.

Original Energy Hypnosis Session

PLUS "Real World" Activator

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Bestselling Energy Hypnosis Products:

Hypnosis For Self Help & Success

Hypnotic Remedies For EVERY DAY Situations


Money Hypnosis - Hypnosis for Money Stress Relief, Wealth and Money Energy The Money river


The Money River

Step into YOUR river of wealth!

Dr Hartmann has always said that "Stress makes you stupid!" leading to bad decisions - which bring more stress and even less clear thinking and ultimately, even more problems and disasters.

It's a terrible spiral of failure from which we must escape at all cost!

Let YOUR personal River of Wealth come to the rescue - it will take away your stress and suffering, and recharge you with fresh, new energy so you can get the life YOU want.


Learn More About This Money Hypnosis Program - Preview & Offers


hypnosis cd deep delta trance sleep lullaby cover

The Delta Trance Lullaby

The Delta Trance Deep Sleep Hypnosis Lullaby - the essential "please let me just go to sleep" remedy for battle weary adults.

Triple length, triple strength and thrice as deep, this special hypnosis CD can also change the WAY we sleep over a period of repeated use, thus allowing us to reach DEEPER sleep states, including the health inducing, HGH producing delta states.

* We would like to make it clear that this is NOT a clinical treatment for diagnosed sleep disorders, but a first aid product for people who usually sleep normally and require extra help for special occasions, or who want to experiment with Delta states.

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Hypnosis Self Help CD BeauTy - self image, self concept restorerBeauTy T Self Help Session

First aid for shattered body images and self esteem.

The damage done to us by advertising, fashion and the youth cults of Western Society is immeasurable.

Bodies cannot heal and they cannot be in health and Even Flow whilst they are rejected, misjudged and unloved.

BeauTy T is the first deeply psycho-active remedy to help us rebuild our shattered body images from the ground up, and find compassion, love and a whole new understanding of our physicalities from the ground up. Based on the EmoTrance system of energy healing.

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Energy Healing Hypnosis CD EmoTrance Soften and FlowSoften & Flow Healing For The Emotions

Have your personal energy healing session like no other with two of the World's premier EmoTrance Trainers - Ananga Sivyer and Silvia Hartmann at your pleasure, any time, any day and as often as you require to feel your oldest burdens and troubles Soften and Flow away.

15 minutes of sheer bliss - a "Must Have" for any home first aid kit and the perfect healing for emotional disturbances.

*EmoTrance is the newest and most effective energy healing modality in the World - find out more at

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Hypnosis Weight Loss with Lady Hypnotist Silvia Hartmann's Champagne Turquoise

Hypnosis Weight Loss

The Essential Hypnotic Weight Loss, Health & Fitness Supplement

Champagne Turquoise

Just half an hour a day - and you can TELL the difference.

This fabulous programme SUPPORTS all your other health and fitness and weight loss decisions and activities, and gives you a wonderful autogenic "whole person" workout in the most extraordinary surroundings.

Packed with WONDERFUL post hypnotic suggestions for health, happiness and love of your own body, this is an absolute "must have" hypnosis weight loss supplement for anyone who needs help in this department.

Highly recommended ******

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Hypnosis Goal Setting - SuperGoals - Set A Goal, Heart & Soul!

Hypnosis Goal Setting


Set A Goal - Heart & Soul!

What is the greatest problem in Goal Setting? Conflict, of course!

Once all of us is agreed on a singular outcome and all of us gets behind achieving a goal, it is quite remarkable what power of reality change can be unleashed. This unique Energy Hypnosis goal setting session, created by Dr Silvia Hartmann, gets us aligned and into contact with most if not all of ourself, and from there, a new form of goal emerges - a SuperGoal, something that is truly important and agreed on by the many aspects of a person, including their heart's desires and their highest path and purpose. A wonderful experience, a wonderful gift.

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The Magic Garden Healing Energy Meditation by Dr Silvia Hartmann

Self Healing With Nature's Best Energies:

The Magic Garden

In this gorgeous energy hypnosis guided meditation, we co-create a truly magical garden with our energy mind - the source of wisdom, spiritual knowledge and all true healing. We walk in this magical garden, resonant with beautiful energies and we discover a special healing plant that is just right for us today; then we engage in a wonderful energy exchange that leaves us tingling, and joyful.

The Magic Garden is a special multi-level induction for all who hunger for perfect, beautiful natural energies, the unconditional vibrant love of life these bring to us humans. As a special bonus, this meditation is designed to create a resource you can also visit outside of the session itself - at any time you need to relax and draw deeply on nature's own power that also resides inside.

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Past Life Regression & Beyond: Many Lives In The Multiverse

Past Life Regression Hypnosis:

Many Lives

In The Multiverse

Experience a hypnotic journey like no other as in this extraordinary meditation you become the emissary for the being of many lives, many lights and souls that lives amidst the stars, to find a life that needs your help right here and now, so that YOUR LIFE becomes a better life in turn.

Absolutely gorgeous from the concept to the delivery, this is a journey which inspires and delights, heals and reconciles and leaves you full of love and purpose, having made new connections within yourself, and with your higher aspects. Wonder-full!

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Advanced Energy Hypnosis Programs

Improve Psychic Skills, Paranormal Abilities & Restore Psychic Circuitry Functioning With The Appollonius Quartet by StarFields Paranormal Energy Hypnosis:

The Appollonius Quartet

Four holographic energy hypnosis inductions that together become more than the sum of their parts will improve paranormal abilities. Comes with a PDF manual on how to get the most from this exquisite and extraordinary energy hypnosis program.

Quick Overview

Extended Information

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*Only available as a hypnosis MP3 + Adobe PDF manual download library

Advanced Energy Program Far Journeys by Silvia Hartmann

Project Sanctuary       Far Journeys

Superb 4 CD Set of hardcore Project Sanctuary Hypnosis - The Far Journeys take you to four different dimensions and guide you to your own solutions. Plus Visualisation Trainer Hypnosis Double Induction Bonus CD/MP3

More Information

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Advanced Energy Hypnosis Training with Dr Silvia Hartmann

*A working knowledge of EmoTrance is pre-supposed for this training.

EmoTrance BeauTy T

Live Energy Hypnosis Seminar Recording

A fascinating training in 4 parts, teaching people who had never done hypnosis before the principles of energy  hypnosis delivery in a healing context, developing the unique BeauTy T treatment for restoring the self concept and awakening the sleeping beauty within.

This is a fabulous program and the more you already know about hypnosis and energy healing, the more you will admire the grace, elegance and intelligence of BeauTy T.*

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