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How To Download, Save and Play Back

MP3 Audio Files On My Computer

MP3 Audio Files Download Straight To Your Computer Image

The downloadable HypnoDreams files are in .mp3 format. To hear them, you need to firstly download them to your own computer, then you need to open these files with a programme designed to read .mp3 files.

Here are the basics:

.mp3 is a compressed file format used for audio files

Even so, these are very large files - 3MB & up. 3 megabytes, that would be 3 million bytes or 3 thousand kilobytes. The files are so big because they are of good quality (128kbit stereo) and need to be for the HypnoDreams to be heard as they should be.

  • Check if you have enough hard drive space left to download these files!
  • Depending on the speed of your internet connection, it will take a while to download. It is NOT instant even with T1/DSL/Cable.

Right RIGHT! click on the file link and "Save Target As" to your hard drive.

*REMEMBER where you put that file!

  • Some computers try to change the file type by re-naming the extension .mp3 to something else. Don't let them. If necessary, rename before downloading back to trackname.mp3 or change them back afterwards so that is the name of the file and extension on your computer. If you don't, audio programmes won't recognise the file type and say they cannot play them back!
  • Left clicking will probably launch an inbuilt programme on your computer such as RealAudio. This may play the track successfully (or it may not as it is being directly streamed from our server) but you can't save the file like that. Which means you can't listen to it anymore once you have shut down and have to download it all over again. Which is not a good thing ... Which is why we suggest you right click and save the file to YOUR computer first.

When you have saved the file, you need an audio programme to play them back.

  • Here is an audio programme we all use, FREE to download and state of the art. Simple to use, excellent performance - Nullsoft WinAmp 3.0 (with free updates).
  • If you don't have a decent speaker system connected to your computer, you NEED to plug in headphones to appreciate our work and get the benefits.
  • If nothing at all happens, you might not have a soundcard at all and you need a new computer.

Download WinAmp here - Remember To RIGHT click!!! and "Save Target As"!

  • Remember to give heartfelt gratitude and an energetic gift to the guys from Nullsoft at for this outstanding programme they are making available to us all for absolutely FREE. They deserve more ...

Install WinAmp once it has arrived. This is easy, it comes as an .exe file which does it for you as soon as you click on it and includes an uninstaller. Make a shortcut to your desktop. Call up WinAmp and ...

Open the saved mp3 files with WinAmp, put on your headphones and press play!

Please Note: HypnoDreams work best when used with GOOD QUALITY STEREO HEADPHONES.

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How do I download from computer to mp3 player?

1. Connect your mp3 player to your computer. A lead for this should have come with your mp3 player.

2. Look on your main "My Computer" or "Finder" window - the mp3 player should register like an external hard drive, you should see it there.

3. When you download the mp3, you can download it directly to the location of the mp3 player (as though it was nothing but an external hard drive) or

3a. You can save the file to a different location on your computer, such as "My Music" folder, and then transfer it (copy and paste just like a normal file, or use the program that came with your mp3 player to retrieve the file and add it to your mp3 player).

Go to download free mp3 files - Hypnosis Induction MP3, Meditation MP3, Music MP3

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