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Which Hypnosis Remedy For Which Situation?

Hypnosis For Health, Healing, Sleep, Rest & Weightloss

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Hypnosis For Healing, Rest & Restoration

Check this alphabetical list of common energetic/emotional problems to find the corresponding HypnoDream or HypnoSolution energy hypnosis solution.

Hypnosis For: Abuse | Aging | Anger Management | Anxiety | Bereavement | Body Image | Broken Heart | Crisis & Chaos | Depression | Disassociation | Fear | Illness & Recovery | Love Pain & Loneliness | Nervousness | Performance Anxiety | Poverty Consciousness | Sadness | Self Love & Self Esteem | Sleeplessness | Stress | Tired & Weary | Weightloss |


Hypnosis For Inspiration, Energy, Creativity & Success

Hypnosis For The OTHER Side Of Healing

This is a list of EXTRA resources you wish to encourage, feed or develop, once healing has been accomplished and you are ready for action.

Hypnosis For : Activating Change | Art & Creativity | Beauty | Dance | Inspiration | Luck | Love | Dance | Meditation | Motivation |


  Energy Hypnosis For Healing, Rest & Restoration

Hypnosis For Abuse (in the past)

Child abuse, neglect, injuries in the energy systems caused by childhood events and issues are especially addressed from many angles in HypnoDreams 2 - Heart Healing. This sequence of powerful energy hypnosis healing sessions is a broad spectrum antidote to all forms of past abuse, to put to rights what once went wrong.

Hypnosis For Aging

For fear of aging, coping with aging related illness and emotional problems such as loss of life, and life bereavement, we recommend Life, And Love of Life.

For "beauty" related aging problems, please use BeauTy T instead.

Hypnosis For Anger & Rage

For general healing of what causes "anger management problems", we recommend "Life, And Love of Life". Stress related anger responds very well to "Star Diamond". To control high end emotions there and then, Beloved Golden is recommended.

Hypnosis For Anxiety

To repair the parts of the energy body which are responsible for anxiety, fear, nervousness, panic and all high stress responses, please use Star Diamond.

Hypnosis For Bereavement

Life, And Love Of Life is THE remedy for sadness and bereavement. For acute, extreme or sudden (catastrophic) bereavement, use Beloved Golden instead.

Hypnosis For Body Image

BeauTy T is the original Body Image rescue and restoration device. If used regularly, it will heal the divides and injuries perpetuated on the energy body and mental body image by judgement and neglect.

Hypnosis For Healing The Broken Heart

Heart Healing the self help track is available from the free downloads section. For more in depth Heart Healing, including old scars of abuse and neglect in childhood, please use Heart Healing HypnoDreams 2 complete.

Hypnosis For Self Healing

A lovely program for self healing and deep relaxation is The Magic Garden.

Hypnosis For Crisis & Chaos, Life Changes

For general change and fear of change, we recommend HypnoDreams 1, The Wisdom Of The Water, which is a general preparation for change and a general systems restorer.

For severe change, life changes and chaotic or sudden dramatic changes, please use Beloved Golden (The "Tsunami" Induction).

Hypnosis For Depression

Depression, sadness and grief are very specific energy states and these are addressed specifically in Life, And Love of Life.

An amazingly freeing experience for depression and hopelessness is Energy Dancing.

Hypnosis For Detachment, Disassociation, No Feelings

Start with The Wisdom Of The Water, HypnoDreams 1, which is gentle yet very nourishing to the energy system, as well as encouraging stretching and flexibility in the mind/energy systems.

Hypnosis For Fear

To repair the parts of the energy body which are responsible for anxiety, fear, nervousness, panic and all high stress responses, please use Star Diamond.

Hypnosis For Illness, Recovery and Healing

Life, And Love of Life is the essential energy body healing device to remove blockages and create the basis for healing flow across the systems.

For self healing of energetic and emotional issues, also issues related to physical injuries, we recommend EmoTrance Soften & Flow.

For recovery and gentle stimulation of the energy system, HypnoDreams Vol. 1, The Wisdom of the Water is an excellent choice.

To awaken the self healing power of the energy system, we recommend The Magic Garden.

Hypnosis For Love Pain, Loneliness

To heal, recharge and re-align our love circuitry, use the special HypnoSolution Gold & Blue. If there are many old and childhood issues playing a part, use Heart Healing HypnoDreams 2 FIRST. If you suffer from very specific love pains that are located in a very noticeable physical area of your body, that is a particular injury which responds best to EmoTrance Soften and Flow.

Hypnosis For Nervousness

To repair the parts of the energy body which are responsible for anxiety, fear, nervousness, panic and all high stress responses, please use Star Diamond.

Performance Anxiety

All anxiety and stress situations benefit from treatment with Star Diamond. Public performance and performance anxiety symptoms may also be alleviated with Fame & Fortune.

Hypnosis For Poverty Consciousness

To cure the energetic/mental/emotional causes of poverty consciousness, please go to MindMillion (off site).

Hypnosis For Sadness

Life, And Love of Life is the HypnoSolution for sadness, grief and depression. We would also recommend The Wisdom of the Water, HypnoDreams 1, to play on a regular basis to support and enliven the energy system overall.

Hypnosis For Self Love & Self Esteem

Heart Healing HypnoDreams 2 is extremely effective to increase flow, love, compassion and communication within an individual. If "beauty" is an issue that affects self love, then BeauTy T is also highly recommended.


To help us get to sleep in unusual circumstances we recommend The Lullaby. In general, sleeplessness can be a sign of ongoing stress and if it is a problem that you are prone to more generally, we recommend Star Diamond first of all.

Hypnosis For Stress

All HypnoDreams and HypnoSolutions are very calming to the energy system, the mind and the body and thereby all are stress reducing in essence.

To specifically repair the parts of the energy body which are responsible for anxiety, fear, nervousness, panic and all high stress responses, please use Star Diamond.

Hypnosis For Being Tired, Worn out, No Energy

 The Magic Garden is a wonderful experience and "energy cocktail" providing a huge choice of "energy vitamins" for those who feel worn out, need more energy or generally for self healing and recovery.

Hypnosis For Weightloss, Health & Fitness

Target the parts of the whole person other weightloss programmes cannot reach with the unique Champagne Turquoise hypnotic weightloss supplement. Hypnosis Weight Loss Supplement Champagne Turquoise catalyses and supports all health and fitness programmes, strengthens willpower and helps with keeping motivated to do what needs to be done to achieve weightloss and a healthy body. It also "feeds the starving energy system" and removes spiritual/emotional burdens of sadness, anger and loss that drive self destructive behaviours.

See our special page Hypnosis & Healing HERE.


Hypnosis On The OTHER Side Of Healing ...

Energy Hypnosis To GAIN New Skills,

IMPROVE Existing Qualities, OPEN NEW DOORS

Once we have established basic repairs and functioning in our systems, we naturally turn our attention to what we want to do, what we want to experience and what we want to accomplish in our lives.

These HypnoDreams and HypnoSolutions listed here are designed to help activating change, motivation, stabilisation and most of all, reaching out and up to NEW things, BETTER futures and experiences we have NEVER had before.

Hypnosis For Activating Change

When you are ready for change and forward movement, we highly recommend HypnoDreams Vol.3, Freedom. All the HypnoDreams on this album are about growth, evolution, new ideas, new pathways and basically, NEW FUTURES - without looking back!

Hypnosis For Art & Creativity

HypnoDreams Vol. 3 is about Freedom in thought, mind, body and a big part of that is Creativity. There is a session entitled "Creativity" on this album.

For all artists and also those who want to be "public figures" with a wide audience, Fame & Fortune is a must have because this is about drawing energy and creativity directly from the audience itself, a very powerful feedback loop indeed.

Hypnosis For Beauty

BeauTy T is always a good idea, no matter how much beauty you already know to possess within; but also Gold & Blue, as love and beauty are related; when one is in love, all things are beautiful indeed.

 Hypnosis For Dance

Dancing for joy and as an expression of freedom and delight in movement isn't exercise - it's a delightful experience that makes your body flow and tingle and recharges your energy system in a whole new way.

You can dance to almost every HypnoDreams and HypnoSolutions session instead of sitting and lying down; it's a delightful form of "trance dance" that really gets your energy system going, especially with a portable device in the fresh air, out of doors. Try it!

Hypnosis For Inspiration

Fame & Fortune is our inspiration for all artists and performers; but of course, fame and fortune is not just the domain of artists, indeed.

Hypnosis For Luck

Is there any aspect of anyone's life that could not be improved by a little dash of pure luck, now and then? Luck is a reality and one that can smooth life and make it surprising, exciting and open doors that you never suspected were there before. The Secret Song was made especially to clear reversals and cure past disappointments, as well as attuning the traveller to actively go out and find their luck.

 Hypnosis For Love

Practise giving and receiving energy in The Magic Garden.

Hypnosis For Meditation/Contemplation

Meditation for creativity, to find solutions for life, business and success or just to feel good is a fun activity. Use Sonic Solutions 1, Here and Now for meditation, and don't forget the "living meditation" of trance dance.

Hypnosis For Motivation

SuperGoals is our bestselling motivational product. Also, Energy Dancing Vol. 1 contains a fantastic device called "Triumph" which really gets your blood pumping and is delightfully motivational.


Hypnosis Remedies - Hypnodreams & hypnosolutions

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See our special page Hypnosis & Healing HERE.


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